Shopping List

Above is a picture of a Mexican girl smelling cilantro. Marilyn and I went to the grocery store today (thus the super cahjus/cah-jeux/cas[ual] outfit: shoes that I’m told Justin Bieber wears borrowed from Marilyn, J.Crew sweatshirt and leather shorts.)

Rudely answering the phone call in the middle of our somewhat secret photoshoot.

Click ‘Read More’ for me using a green bean as a mustache.

I promised you, didn’t I? No word on what happened to that green bean.

Who the hell left this leaf of lettuce in here/hey, I can see my bronzer from all the way over here, whoops.

Our ‘let’s demonstrate these pears’ shot.

4 pm tea time.

Obviously, after purchasing cilantro and donuts, gotta hit up the ‘Grace’ (I am not even kidding) aisle in the ‘International’ section of Shopper’s to get some saints candles. I’m good on Madre Milagrosas, but I really good use a couple of Virgen de Guadalupes.

All photos by the lovely Marilyn Rosales.

J.Crew sweatshirt, H&M shorts, Supra shoes, Urban glasses, various rings and accessories from places.