itisallfiction asked: RAMONA! I just bought this body suit/lingerie thing from Forever 21 -- I can't include the link here but it's the Point d'Esprit Bodysuit in nude. Can I wear it like normal clothes (i.e. not as lingerie) and not look trashy? If so how? THANKS. YOU LOOK GREAT IN ALL YOUR NEW POSTS :)


Super sexy! I would say it all depends on your comfort level. Personally, if I were styling this, I’d probably try and go with something that offsets the sexiness level of the top. So maybe with high-waisted skinny jeans (light or dark wash would both be rad), like these from Urban. I think dark wash would be pretty because this body suit is kinda Desperately Seeking Susan Maddona-y, 80s Boudoir thing, if you know what I mean. And then you could do red or even Media by MAC, and a fake beauty mark. And some bad ass jewelry. And then for modesty’s sake, you could throw a jean or leather jacket over it. Kitten heels or combat boots.

You’re a daring girl. OWN IT.