Playground Bully

That’s right, kids! School’s a coming round. And you know what that means.

Booty shorts.

Playground politics. Kill or be killed, know what I’m sayin’? If you want to emerge from public school without deep, irreversible emotional scars, you can’t be pushed around, see?

Would’ve incorporated some cigarettes into the shoot, for extra emphasis on teenage delinquency - but the security guard was parked nearby and we were too chicken. Just like real teenagers.

Click for a post where we tried hard!

The eternal mysteries of youth.

Recess - time to put on your mean face while simultaneously flexing to scare off punks.

Don’t forget that cruche over-the-shoulder, poetic Rebel Without a Cause glance.

Something I cannot do in real life.

And a half-serious Lion shot for good measure.

Urban shirt, Madewell bra, Urban cheekie shorts, Sam Edelman wedges, Jacket vintage, from my Dad’s marine corps days.

All photos by the lovely Marilyn Rosales.