Ryan Lochte Vs. Ryan Gosling : Are You for Real, Huff Post?

I spotted this absolute sham of an article and thought I had to take a minute to deconstruct it for you.

The Huff Post did a face-off version of how these two men did against each other in terms of desirability.

I would tell you about the categories, but I didn’t read it.


(Exhibit A. - The first photo they used)

In the spirit of Ryan Gosling, are you being fucking serious right now? Who is this goon with the hair? Is that a beauty mark, or what?

(Exhibit B - Another photo from the article)

I mean, really? Are you orange right now? Is that a fedora? Still rocking the hair I see. Ryan’s gone from looking at you askance to actually pitying you. Pitying. You.

I mean, I don’t even. I just. don’t.